Windshield Repair for Spokane

The auto glass professionals at Glass Co caution you to not let windshield nicks, cracks or chips go without replacement or repair. Before you need a windshield replacement, get these issue taken care of with a more affordable solution: windshield repair. As a locally-owned company with more than 30 years of experience, you won’t find a more reliable service for windshield repair in Spokane. Our services are guaranteed, and our longevity as a local business gives assurance that we will still be around when you need us.

Windshields are expensive. The more high-tech models with sensors in them can cost upwards of $700. At the very least, most replacements cost at least $150. A windshield repair gives you the option to save money by staying on top of cracks, chips or nicks before the glass needs to be replaced. Sometimes a replacement is the only safe choice, but when caught in time, a windshield repair will save the glass from cracking further and will not inhibit your view.

Our auto glass repair professionals will make suggestions for the safest option and will never pressure you for more services than you need. That is part of our commitment to quality customer care.

Lasting Windshield Repair in Spokane

Safety is always a big concern for front-facing auto glass. Few folks outside of the auto glass industry know that car manufacturers design the windshield as an integral part the roof’s integrity, keeping it from collapsing in a crash. If a chip is closer than 3 inches to the glass edge, a replacement may be the safer choice. Cracks near an edge are not caused by a rock or other debris hitting the windshield but are due to the tension and stress a windshield is constantly under, and therefore call for a replacement rather than a repair. When repair is possible, we are happy to save you money with our lasting windshield repair service.

We use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts for all windshield repair jobs. Installation is done to the highest industry standards and all work is guaranteed.

You can trust our expertise to know the difference when a windshield should be repair and when it should be replaced. Your safety is paramount to us, which is why we are dedicated to excellence in all we do.

Use our convenient online quote request for your windshield repair in Spokane or the surrounding areas.